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This is the home page of Lincoln Randall McFarland (a.k.a. Randy), on line since 1995, back when domain names were free and spam was meat in a can. It has no purpose other than display my résumé and support my projects.

This iteration explores using containers to setup a web site with micro-services built around an nginx reverse proxy, described below. I created it mostly "by hand" with emacs and other open source tools to keep it clear and simple as possible.

I started with my c++/python coordinates library as a foundation for implementing Astronomical Algorithms by Jean Meeus. I wrapped this in python so I could use it with the flask micro-framework. Since I am requesting global position data from the browser, I added nginx to act as a TLS endpoint for my letsencrypt certs and be the reverse proxy for and I also modified the nginx container to run the certbot as a cron job to renew the certs. It can be built with self signed or valid TLS certificates. This can be used to boot strap the persistent storage for the initial certificate install with certbot All the source code is checked into my github repos.

You can reach me though LinkedIn or FaceBook.

-lrm, 2020 Apr 09

The name starbug comes from the SciFi comedy Red Dwarf.